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UX and UI design: concept and distinctive features

UI / UX website design and user interface development is the convenience of interacting with the information presented. Its goal is to help the visitor quickly and easily complete the desired action on the site or (placement of an order, subscription, purchase, search for goods / services) through the interface.

What is UX design?

UX literally translates as “user experience”. These are visual methods of developing websites – a kind of impression that the visitor received when interacting with the interface. Did he manage to find what he was looking for? If yes, how fast? It is from this point of view that the UX design of the site is evaluated.

What is UI design?

UI – literal translation of “user interface”. These are to a greater extent the physical properties that the designer endows him with: color schemes, button size, fonts, arrangement of text, images, etc.

The task of such a design is always specific, for example, the sale of goods. Based on it, the Internet user makes a decision – like / dislike, buy / not buy.

But there is still a difference between UX and UI: in the first case, the designer thinks about how visitors will interact with the interface, what steps they will need to take in order to get one or another result. In the UI, the specialist decides how visually each of the steps will look.

From the point of view of sequence, the visual is first developed according to the principle of User Experience, then User Interface. But the main thing you need to know about them is the result that they give – a friendly and convenient user interface.