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A few signs that indicate a failed logo

The logo of a company is a really important thing as confirmed by experts in the After all, it gives it something distinctive, distinguishing it from the masses. And there is no doubt that any organization, regardless of the field of activity, is in great need of a quality logo. But many people save money, ordering cheaper designers. And in the end they get something wrong. In this article we’ve collected 6 of the most frequent mistakes when creating a logo that make it a definite failure:

  1. Too… Too simple or too complex. It’s a big deal. Sure, simple logos are more likely to stick. But requirements don’t stand still, constantly changing. Any logo today looks different. The same burger joint or coffee shop may not feature a burger or a cup of coffee. Abstraction is also welcome, the main thing is not to overcomplicate or overburden the sketch. Too complicated logos are also not welcome, in fact, in addition to the fact that they are poorly remembered, so also not recognizable at all.
  2. Cheap design. Quality must be paid accordingly. For a good logo needs to lay out a good amount of money. If the customer plans to save on a company logo, he will not get what he expects, and it can turn bad. It is a bad idea to make the future “face” of the company, not knowing anything about design. You need to order the work from an expert.
  3. Poor image quality. The quality of the logo should be of the highest level, because when printed, all the shortcomings will be displayed. The best option – vector graphics. Pixel images are also allowed. But more often than not, pixels will show up cheaply in print.

  1. Lack of attention to the brand itself. If you yourself can recognize a business by its logo, the company’s customers may not. Think of the Adidas logo, where the image is made from a sneaker, and underneath it is written text in a unique font. This greatly increases brand recognition.
  2. The oversaturation of effects. The main thing is to choose the primary colors and not to go overboard with the rest. Huge success have a black and white logos. It is necessary to achieve harmony in colors and their combination with each other.
  3. Stealing other ideas. It is very bad practice to create plagiarized logos. The maximum purpose for which you can use other people’s work – is for inspiration. In the future, the company’s customers and the Internet may begin to compare it to similar ones and strongly condemn. This spoils the reputation and leads to fewer customers. Each logo should represent the highlight of the company, making it unique.