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How to create a good website design?

Good web design – it’s not just a flight of fancy specialist, it’s usability website design, because the convenience of use is primarily determined by the user. Quality visual is based on the psychology of color, preferences of the target audience and strict rules of design from First and foremost, it is focused on […]

Increase in buying activity: the influence of the color scheme

Effective online selling is the real art of persuasion. When we sell something online, many things serve as persuasive mechanisms:, design, user-friendly site navigation and ease of interaction with the information presented, selling texts, page loading speed, beautiful product photos, and much more. But the deciding factor is visual perception: according to studies, more […]

Web designer: a creative and promising Internet profession

At the heart of any site is a layout, designed in accordance with a number of rules that are written about here: It is developed by a Web-designer, who draws not just a pretty picture, but creates pages that would be convenient and pleasant to use. Resources with ill-conceived interfaces simply can not push […]

A few signs that indicate a failed logo

The logo of a company is a really important thing as confirmed by experts in the After all, it gives it something distinctive, distinguishing it from the masses. And there is no doubt that any organization, regardless of the field of activity, is in great need of a quality logo. But many people save […]