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How to create a good website design?

Good web design – it’s not just a flight of fancy specialist, it’s usability website design, because the convenience of use is primarily determined by the user. Quality visual is based on the psychology of color, preferences of the target audience and strict rules of design from First and foremost, it is focused on people. But what does this mean?

Internet users are impatient: in search results, they click on one of the first links, and if they do not find what they were looking for, they immediately close the site and open another. A good site design not only holds the attention of the potential customer, but also allows him to quickly and comfortably interact with the information presented.

First impression

It has the greatest extent the home page of the website, so it is given the most attention: optimized enticing texts, high-quality images, do not distract from the basic information, pleasing to the eye color scheme. If the stage of studying the home page managed to win the user’s attention, the main work is done.


Modern web resources usually contain static and dynamic content, so it is very important to properly emphasize what the user should pay attention in the first place. Moving objects, bold font and other visual cues help the visitor to correctly and without hesitation come to the end point of the search.


A good design and hierarchy allows for a quick understanding of what features are available and how to work with the resource. Content that is easy to understand is one of the most important principles of successful design.

Simplicity and brevity

Accessibility and convenience always attracts the Internet user, because he does not go to the site to admire the design. A good visual is when you immediately find the navigation bar, content and headings, links to the topic and you can order without problems.


You don’t want to overload the page with unnecessary graphics. Content should be divided into parts so that the user was easy to analyze, find information and work with it. If there is a choice between graphics and empty space, it is better to give preference to the latter. Empty blocks with a pleasant background are a place where you can “catch your breath” and make the right decision about the purchase.